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Meant For You (Valentine Bay #2) Paperback

Meant For You (Valentine Bay #2) Paperback

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Release date: 1 June 2023
Series: Valentine Bay (Book 2)
Hero and heroine: Logan and Jess
Tropes: Beach Romance, Enemies to Lovers, First Love, Forbidden Love, Happily Ever After, Returning to Hometown, Second Chance, Secret Romance, Small Town Romance
Steam level: medium-high heat

He’s my ex’s best friend. The man I love to hate. A total temptation who is totally off-limits.

And he’s everywhere I turn.  

My life’s a disaster. My ex-boyfriend is getting married, my house is falling apart, and I haven’t slept with anyone in… Well, long enough that I’m not sure I remember where everything is supposed to go.

The last person I’d ever ask for help is my childhood enemy, Logan Reeve. He’s smug. He’s infuriating. He’s gorgeous. And lately, he’s caught me in one too many weak moments. A cocky carpenter who knows how to work a sledgehammer, Logan promises he can renovate my house before my parents sell it out from under me.

I can’t deny it. Logan’s got the skills I need to turn things around—in life and in the bedroom.

I’m craving some old-fashioned action, and Logan is always—irritatingly—there. As the tension takes us dangerously close to a line we shouldn’t cross, we find ourselves flirting with forbidden territory. Flirting, flirting… until finally, we fall.

Why does it feel so good when it’s so, so bad?

It won’t last. Nobody can ever know. There’s nothing real between us, right? Logan Reeve was never meant for me.

But one thing I know for sure. The man I can’t have loves nothing more than proving me wrong.

Note: Meant For You is a first-person, dual POV contemporary romance.


  • book size: 203mm x 127mm (8in x 5in)


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